6 Month Warranty Coverage*

ROSINBOMB warrants your product to be free of all defects in material and workmanship on electrical related equipment and on the structural frame for 6 months after the purchase of your rosin press with the exclusion of the cabinet. This warranty extends to the ORIGINAL BUYER ONLY.

This warranty covers defects in manufacturing discovered while using this product as recommended by the manufacturer. The warranty does not cover loss or theft, nor does coverage extend to damage caused by misuse, abuse, unauthorized modification, or improper storage. Warranty is void if device is found to be disassembled, tampered or modified.

Limits of Liability:
Should this product fail, your sole recourse will be repair, or replacement if repair fails. If a repair is not possible due to a shortage of parts and or materials a replacement will be sent.  The replacement may be a refurbished unit in near new condition. In no event will ROSINBOMB be liable for more than the amount of your purchase, not to exceed the current list price of the product, excluding tax and shipping charges. By purchasing this product and warranty the user accepts all the terms described herein.

How to Obtain Service Under this Warranty:
Contact us using the following methods: customer.support@rosinbomb.com.

The cost of shipping to the manufacturer, or authorized repair center are the responsibility of the user. If repairs are due to warranty covered issues, manufacturer will refund shipping costs up to an amount lesser than or equal to the original shipping cost that the manufacturer incurred when the item(s) was first ordered.  If shipping was free at the time of the original order, the manufacturer will reimburse up to $60 for ground shipping for the Rocket and up to $80 for the M60.  Shipping reimbursement will be at the manufacturers discretion. Please make sure that your press is packaged properly and protected as we are not liable for any damage caused by shipping or improper packaging.  If there is damage from shipping you will have the responsibility to file a claim with your shipping provider.

*Warranty is applicable to all Rosinbomb devices purchased on or after June 1, 2022.

*Registration within 15 days of purchase is required to activate the warranty.  You can register your Rosinbomb Press at  https://www.rosinbomb.com/pages/registeryourproduct.