The Only Press with the TrueForce™

The Only Press with
the TrueForce™

TrueForce™ Guarantee

TrueForce™ by Rosinbomb guarantees that each and every press manufactured in our USA facility is meticulously designed and rigorously tested prior to shipping thus delivering unparalleled force.

Our Findings

Rosinbomb Rocket - $450


of advertised force

Galaxy Enails - $500


of advertised force

Rosin Tech Smash - $545


of advertised force

“This is Rosinbomb, and it’s one of my FAVORITE products!”

- Tommy Chong

Rocket Stay @ Home, Press Your Own Bundle - ROSINBOMB


Sold out


Compact, powerful, and super easy to use. The Rocket is small enough to fit inside a backpack and weighs only 13 lbs, but delivers over 1500 lbs of force. It is extremely quiet and all-electric. That means no noisy air compressors and no manual pumps required. Use the Rocket to create fresh, clean extracts at home and with friends. With your own press, the options are endless -- press any one of your favorite strains and always know exactly what goes into the extract you make.

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  • Designed and manufactured in the USA from solid stainless steel
  • 10 inches tall and weighs 13lbs
  • Delivers over 1500lbs of force
  • Crushes up to 5g material at one time (depends on density)
  • Low energy requirements -- at full pressure, uses 3 amps

THIS MACHINE IS USED TO PRESS ESSENTIAL OILS! We recommend you follow all applicable laws.

International customers may be subject to additional shipping costs as well as any local country importation fees, tariffs or taxes that are applicable. Due to Covid-19 disruption to our supply chains, we are experiencing higher than normal wait times. Please expect orders to begin shipping 7-10 days after ordering. Secure the sale price and order today!


Due to overwhelming demand, our product lead time is currently 2 to 3 weeks. We are working diligently building our products in our facility in Phoenix Arizona while maintaining the high quality performance that comes with our lifetime warranty and guaranteed true force. 


100% No-Risk 30-Day

Money Back Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty

What The Experts Are Saying

weed review

Andrew Tarantola- Editor, Engadget

This 13 pound tabletop press is designed specifically to convert the THC crystals into a solvent less, dab-able hash.” “The ROSINBOMB Rocket is THE Panini Press of Weed!

cannabis review

Will Hyde, The Avid Dabber

For $599, this small tabletop rosin press has so far provided stellar results. The yield and quality coupled with the ease-of-use have turned pressing rosin from a laborious process into something I have fun with.

extration review

Tyler Green, iSmoke

ROSINBOMB makes it possible to create professional standard dabs, at nice, small quantities at a time.” “Very, very quiet.

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