Rosinbomb and Tommy Chong team up again!

The Only Press with
the TrueForce™

Tommy Chong's Limited Edition Rocket

ROSINBOMB , industry leading developer and manufacturer of the highly acclaimed ROSINBOMB line of solventless extraction presses and industry Icon Tommy Chong announced that they have agreed to launch another exclusive and limited edition, custom Rosinbomb Rocket consumer extraction press. Rosinbomb and its partner entertainment and industry cultural icon Tommy Chong are releasing the Limited edition Tommy Rocket II available exclusively at WWW.ROSINBOMB.COM

"I love my Rosinbomb press, it's the best piece of machinery I have and it makes some delicious concentrates!"

- Tommy Chong

What The Experts Are Saying

weed review

Andrew Tarantola- Editor, Engadget

This 13 pound tabletop press is designed specifically to convert the THC crystals into a solvent less, dab-able hash.” “The ROSINBOMB Rocket is THE Panini Press of Weed!

cannabis review

Will Hyde, The Avid Dabber

For $599, this small tabletop rosin press has so far provided stellar results. The yield and quality coupled with the ease-of-use have turned pressing rosin from a laborious process into something I have fun with.

extration review

Tyler Green, iSmoke

ROSINBOMB makes it possible to create professional standard dabs, at nice, small quantities at a time.” “Very, very quiet.

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