The Perfect Match

The Press n’ Fuse™ Product Bundle is designed for consumers to easily and effectively craft and create extracts and infused edibles. All in a safe, solventless and elegant environment.
The Rosinbomb™ Rocket, widely acclaimed as the best personal, solventless rosin press in the world, together with the heralded Ardent Nova™ ensures that you are well equipped to craft high quality extracts and infused products like the experts.

The Press n’ Fuse Pro™ Product Bundle is designed for the consumer/ prosumer and processor market, providing users with limitless options for crafting any and all forms and quantities of pure extracts and infused products. It includes: The Rosinbomb M-60 with Flow Channel Technology™ the world’s first and only volume processing extraction press and the revolutionary Ardent FX Decarboxylator.

The pricing for the two kits is $749 for the Press n’ Fuse (list price individually $899) and $1449 for the Press n Fuse Pro (list price individually $2235) and are available for a limited time while
supplies last.


Tommy Chong Rocket

Rosinbomb and cultural icon Tommy Chong, have teamed up to create a series of exclusive, limited edition art skinned Rosinbomb Rockets.

**Must be in the continental US. Bundle not included. Ships M-F,

rosin carrying bag

Show Up In Style

Check out Rosinbomb's new Rocket Carrying Case. Now you can take your Rocket wherever you want with this perfect fitting, smell proof bag.

Introducing the All New 420 BUNDLE!

Take the Rocket anywhere in your discreet and secure smell proof bag to create fresh, clean extracts with friends. With your own press, the options are endless -- press any one of your favorite strains and always know exactly what goes into the extract you make.

What the Industry Experts Say

“We are super excited to team up with Ardent to
provide this end to end solution to the market for 710. I believe our two companies share the
same product culture, one which represents best of breed design and performance, innovation
and industry leading quality.”

-Rosinbomb’s CEO, Fred Angelopoulos-

“We believe strongly in empowering and enabling the consumer to
take pride and ownership of what they are crafting and consuming and these Press n’ Fuse™
bundles are a big step in that direction”

-Rosinbomb's Founder and President Ryan Mayer-

“Ardent was founded on the principles of education and empowering people to
take charge of their own wellness and do it in a safe and holistic way. We believe Rosinbomb
shares that philosophy, and this collaboration embodies that”

-Ardent founder and CEO Shanel Lindsay-

weed review

Andrew Tarantola- Editor, Engadget

This 13 pound tabletop press is designed specifically to convert the THC crystals into a solvent less, dab-able hash.” “The ROSINBOMB Rocket is THE Panini Press of Weed!

cannabis review

Will Hyde, The Avid Dabber

For $599, this small tabletop rosin press has so far provided stellar results. The yield and quality coupled with the ease-of-use have turned pressing rosin from a laborious process into something I have fun with.

extration review

Tyler Green, iSmoke

ROSINBOMB makes it possible to create professional standard dabs, at nice, small quantities at a time.” “Very, very quiet.

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Pressing flower to make rosin isn’t necessarily a new process, but it’s growing popularity in the last few years has been, in part, a reaction to increased consumer awareness about the presence of solvents in their concentrate. Just like conscious consumers want organic produce in their kitchens, more and more cannabis users are becoming wary of pesticides and other harmful chemicals in the products they buy.