To adjust the base settings you need to press and hold the set button for over 3 seconds. Once the settings menu is up you will be greeted with the same format of codes as before. You can select the desired setting by pushing the up and down arrow key and to select that setting you press set once. After setting is changed, to go back to select another option press set once and then move to the desired setting by pressing up or down.
(HC)- heating or cooling ( our default is Heating)
(d) - Difference of temp before controller turns on ( our default is 1)
(LS)- the minimum temp limit ( default is anything below 0 )
(HS)- the maximum temp limit ( our default is 300 F, 149 C)
(CA)- Temperature calibration ( our default is 0)
(P7)- Delay time ( our default is 0)
(AH)- High temperature alarm settings ( default is 0 or off)
(AL)- Low temperature alarm settings (default is 0 or off)
(A7)- timer off ( default is 0 or off) 
Once all settings are in the desired range you can press reset or wait several seconds for the heat controller to reset back to the main temperature display.
Once the main temp display is on you can select and adjust the desired temp by pressing set and moving the value up and down and pressing set again to save the desired temperature. 
Advanced Settings
To get into the advanced settings you need to press and hold set and the Up arrow key for over 3 seconds. You will be greeted with a code and to select that code you press set and then the up or down arrow key to change that setting, and press set again once the desired setting is reached to go back.
(C/F)- Celsius or Fahrenheit selection
(S7) - To adjust the decimal by .1 degree or 1 degree.( Needs to be 10)
(dL)- Timer on or off, ( our default is off)
(U) - Timing mode, ( our default is off) 
Once the desired settings are reached, you can press reset to go reset the controller back in the start up mode.
When the heat controller is on and heating up it will display a (Working) symbol and will disappear when desired temp is reached. To Turn off the heat controller press and hold the reset button for over 3 seconds and it will shut off but the main controls of the press will still be functional, great for pre- pressing or cold pressing material without changing the desired temp range.