• **Never press without product. A dry press is harder on the machine and could deteriorate the life of the press.
  • You have two buttons for press operation. PRESS and RELEASE. They are located on the face of the cabinet at the bottom right corner. When you have the product in the press and you are up to temperature, press the PRESS button. It will proceed upward with a positive press until it senses maximum capable pressure. It will then stop and hold that pressure. Once you reached your desired length of time, press the RELEASE button to return to home position.
  • You can level the unit as many times as you need. If you feel you are losing yield... take advantage and level your machine.
  • If you wish to stop operation in either direction, PRESS or RELEASE, press the button in which ever direction you are currently going.
  • For example- If you are moving upwards and wish to reposition the product or interrupt operation, you will press the PRESS button again and it will stop the machine. You can then press PRESS to continue or RELEASE to return to the home position. 
  • If the press starts clicking while under full pressure, press the PRESS button to stop.
  • The heat plates take 10 minutes or less to fully heat before pressing product. Once heated they will maintain your desire temperature.