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It’s time to get everything you need in one slick, smell-proof bag! Compact, powerful, and super easy to use. The Rocket is small enough to carry with you and weighs only 13 lbs, and still deliver an industry leading 1,500 lbs of force. It is extremely quiet and all-electric. That means no noisy air compressors and no manual pumps required. Take the Rocket anywhere in your discreet and secure smell proof bag to create fresh, clean extracts with friends. With your own press, the options are endless -- press any one of your favorite strains and always know exactly what goes into the extract you make. Included in this bundle:

Included in this Bundle:

  • Rosinbomb Rocket
  • Mavstix
  • Parchment Paper 12 pack
  • Rosinbomb Bombloader
  • Flower Bags 12 pack
  • Calyx Jar


Special Bundle Price: $469


  • Designed and manufactured in the USA from solid stainless steel
  • 10 inches tall and weighs 13 lbs
  • Delivers over 1500 lbs of force
  • Crushes up to 5g material at one time (depends on density)
  • Low energy requirements -- at full pressure, uses 3 amps


We recommend you follow all applicable laws.


Due to Covid-19 disruption to our supply chains, we are experiencing higher than normal wait times. Please expect orders to begin shipping within two weeks of order. Secure the sale price and order today!



Lifetime Warranty

"This is Rosinbomb, and it's one of my FAVORITE products!"

- Tommy Chong


This Guy is Discrete

The all-electric design makes for an extremely quiet press. And at 13 lbs and 10 inches tall, this unit can fit into a backpack or on a shelf in the hall closet when not in use. The Rocket is small but powerful, creating great yields with over 1500 lbs of force in each press.

Easy to Use

This all-electric press is ready to go out of the box: plug the Rocket in, let it heat up, and press your rosin with a push of the button. No air compressors and no manual hand pumps mean you can spend more time pressing.

Pro-Quality Rosin

Pressing at home means you can press any flower your heart desires. Fine tune the temperature and pressure you use on each type of flower, and the Rocket will give you industry-quality rosin at DIY prices.

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