What the Puck To Do With the Leftovers?

So, you just finished pressing your flower to make some exquisite rosin. You pick the oil from your parchment paper and dab away until your heart’s content. It’s a magical process. But you’re confused about what to do with that squished down puck of cannabis flower you’re left with. It’s ok, I was too, at first.

When I first started using my Rosinbomb Rocket, I was stacking up all these pucks like they were coins I could trade in at the bank. I had like 30 or 40 of them, no joke. Obviously, a lot of the precious cannabis oil has been extracted from the flower discs, but not all of it. So, you have some useful options.

The first is you can re-press the pucks. This is actually much more effective than you’d think. If I’m repressing, I take the freshly pressed puck, fold it in half, and then fold it in half again. It will look like a thick weed pizza slice. Try pressing the quartered puck and you will be surprised with the results, typically a whole new yield of rosin. That’s because some of the flower that was in the middle of the puck on your initial press is now on the edges, where it’s easier for oil to escape to parchment paper freedom.

Once you lower the press, you’ll now have another puck, albeit with slightly less oil in it. You can try pressing a third and fourth time, but there are obviously diminishing returns with every subsequent attempt. After repressing pucks, you can dispose of them, as it’s really just plant matter left at that point.

Another option for pucks that still have some oil trapped in them is smoking them. If you’re looking for a more mellow bake, break that puck up and pack it into a bowl or roll it into a joint for what is essentially a microdosed smoke sesh. It’s difficult to gauge just how much THC is left in that pressed puck, as rosin yields aren’t an exact science, but there’s definitely still some smoke left in that source material so don’t waste it!

The third option is to use the pucks to make mellow cannabis butter for edibles. I have done this a few times and it always makes for an enjoyable experience. In my fridge, I have a container of full-potency weed butter for making knockout edibles and another jar with the chill butter for making edibles that allow me to continue functioning throughout the rest of the day but with a subtle high that keeps a smile on my face. If you’ve ever made your own weed butter before, this is the same process, we’re just using the pucks instead of fresh flower. Break the pucks up into the smallest pieces you can and let them simmer in a saucepan with your butter or oil at low heat until you start to see tiny little bubbles forming all over. That’s the decarb process. Then, drain your decarbed butter through a cheesecloth or other filter to get rid of the plant matter. You should be left with a very mild cannabis butter that’s perfect for baking cookies or making pasta.

Let us know on social what you do with your leftover pucks and feel free to show us your results from trying any of our favorite methods of puck recycling listed above.