Pressing Hash For Rosin

While I’ve traditionally used flower with my hard press to extract rosin, the well has run dry recently and the delivery service I use didn’t have any fresh flowers that seemed like it would provide a decent yield (read: dried up and dusty tumbleweeds from 1849). Thankfully, as I was going through my drawer full of random weed tools and leftovers, I found a ziploc bag full of hash someone had given me a while back. Huge find.

The hash was definitely of the compacted kief variety and not bubble hash, so it had a powdery consistency, but you could tell it was potent. As I zoomed in with my eyeballs, I could see all of the little trichomes in the bag and salivated thinking of the oil this hash would transform into soon.

I broke out my Rosinbomb Rocket and started daydreaming of dabs.

Now, the settings and process have to be adjusted slightly when dealing with kief hash. When I’m pressing flower, I tend to set the Rocket at a higher temperature and press for a little bit longer, usually around 200 degrees for roughly 90 seconds on the first press. Even though I may get roasted for this, I don’t usually use filter bags when I press flower [prepares for online backlash]. But when I was pressing the kief hash, I made sure to use 48-micron sift bags because with such fine source material, the likelihood of plant matter getting into the oil yield is much higher. I also set my Rocket’s temperature to 185 degrees because normally, I’m trying to separate the trichomes from plant matter, whereas now I was dealing with virtually all trichomes. After filling the bag with the hash and pressing it at 185, I noticed immediately that the oil was flowing at a high pace, squishing out the sides almost immediately. The yield was tremendous, golden yellow in color and clear of any debris thanks to my filter bags.

The end product was very potent, as I expected. At first, I dabbed it and was blown away at the immediate punch of the high. Very intense for a rosin, but I guess that’s what you get when you extract a concentrate from a concentrate. After an hour or so, I wanted to dip into the oil again but without the initial smack, so I filled a pipe with a ground layer of some leftover shake I had laying around, then put a few dabs of the hash rosin layered on top, then covered it in a few pinches of shake. It took a few hits to heat up the hash in the middle layer, but it was much more tasty than the solo dab version. I’m not sure what strain the kief hash was, so it’s hard to pinpoint the strange flavor of the oil but mixing it with some flower helped tremendously.

If you have a few grinders lying around filled with kief, use your Bomb Loader to press the kief into hash and then take the hash to your Rosinbomb for hours of rosin-based fun. Warning: hash rosin is considerably stronger than flower rosin so clear your schedule.