Podcast: Rosinbomb / Maverick Technology Solutions Interviewed by Stock Day Media


The Stock Day Podcast welcomed Maverick Technology Solutions, Inc. (OTC Pink: MVRK) (“the Company”), a company with over three years operating history developing and producing the ROSINBOMB™ line of rosin presses and accessories for extracting organic concentrates. CEO of the Company, Fred Angelopoulos, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

Jolly began the interview by asking Angelopoulos for some background information about himself and the Company. “I’ve been in technology pretty much my whole life,” shared Angelopoulos. “I really wanted to take that experience and love for emerging technology and migrate it to the emerging cannabis market.”

Jolly then commented on the Company’s flagship product, the ROSINBOMB™ M-60. Angelopoulos explained that the Company launched this product in the fall of 2019. “It really is the first extraction product that brings 100% solventless extraction to the volume process,” Angelopoulos explained, noting that this quality eliminates the need for foreign substances and allows for higher volume processing. He further explained that the ROSINBOMB™ creates a pure and organic end product. “There’s economics in it for the process for sure,” said Angelopoulos. “For the end user, the benefits of having a completely safe, clean, solventless organic product is a huge deal.”

The conversation then turned to the vaping health concerns that exist on the market. Angelopoulos explained that the Company’s products address many of the health concerns that currently exist around vaping products. He then expanded on the Company’s additional products, including the ROSINBOMB™ Rocket, which allows users to complete the extraction process at home. “It takes two minutes and you’re controlling and crafting your own extracts.”

Angelopoulos elaborated on the cannabis’s industry’s immense growth, as well as its challenges. “We’re a product technology company,” said Angelopoulos, adding that the Company began as a developer of press technologies for the fruit and vegetable juice market. “We’ve sold it in all 50 states and 35 countries. I think it allows us to leverage the excitement in this market without so much of the regulations and fear,” said Angelopoulos. He then noted that the Company’s technology can be utilized for products like lavender oil and peanut oil, in addition to its uses in the cannabis industry.

“Where do we go from here?” asked Jolly. “We’re continuing to expand our channel and our distribution,” explained Angelopoulos, adding that the Company is also expanding internationally. “If we can get more and more people in the world not just consuming organic solvent-free extracts, but processing them, that’s also a payoff for us,” said Angelopoulos.

To close the interview, Angelopoulos shared his excitement for the Company’s growth and potential. “We believe we have exponential growth ahead of us,” closed Angelopoulos.