Fine Tuning the Color of Your Rosin

Just like every other part of your cannabis pressing process, every little adjustment you make will have a direct effect on the color of your flower rosin. We’ve discussed how temperature and time can affect the consistency of your rosin, but how do you brighten up the color of your oil if it’s too dark for your liking?

Well, that’s a complicated question. There are so many factors that go into how your rosin will look after pressing, including but not limited to the quality and freshness of your source material, as well as the temperature and length of time you press your flower. But if all things are equal, there are some tricks to lightening the color of your oil and avoiding dabbing what looks like tar or reclaim.

The yellowy, clear oil comes directly from the trichomes of your plant material, while the darker oil comes from larger particles that come from the plant itself. Using a smaller micron count filter bag can eliminate some of that darker oil from ever making it into your yield, but just know that your yield will decrease as you tighten up the filter bag you’re pressing through. Also, the temperature you press at could be affecting color, as higher temperatures (210 degrees and over) can burn the plant material and produce darker oil that will have decreased potency.

To achieve the perfect color rosin, you need all other parts of your process to be perfect, too. This includes your source material, which should be as fresh as possible, eliminating the chance that trichomes have fallen off and the plant has dried up too much. For this reason, using bubble hash that has been flash frozen to preserve the maximum number of trichomes will ensure the color and yield you seek. Combining fresh source material with a decently small micron count for your screen bags should help you lighten up the color of your rosin.

As with all of the tips we give you, it comes down to trial and error. Try different temperatures, times, micron counts, and strains of flower to see what your Rosinbomb is capable of producing. We think you’ll be extraordinarily happy with the results after fine tuning your process.