Blending Essential Oils with Your Flower Rosin


In this modern era of marijuana, there are thousands and thousands of different “strains” available to consumers. Now, whether those strains have anything to do with what they’re named is a discussion for another day, as the majority of strains have been diluted down and crossbred so much that the idea of “Indicas” and “Sativas” is wishful thinking, at best. Even if all strains are hybrids now and finding what you’re looking for can be difficult, there is something to be said for choice, and there are certainly lots of choices. But they’re still all cannabis, and sometimes, you need a little bit of a different vibe. That’s where essential oils come in.

Essential oils have been used for as long as… well, honestly, I have no idea how long humans have been utilizing the oils extracted from plants but it’s definitely a long long time. We’re talking tens of thousands of years, and most likely much longer. Even today, oil diffusers are quite common and help millions of people relax every day. Whether you’re using the soothing essence of lavender to relax after a long work day or peppermint oil to help with respiratory issues, these ancient natural medicines can have tremendous impact.

While I consider flower rosin the most essential oil, we still get by with a little help from our friends sometimes. I’ve had asthma since I was a little kid, and unfortunately, dabbing can sometimes trigger a flare-up. So, if the cannabis I’m pressing and subsequently dabbing is hard on my lungs, I’ll press it with a tiny bit of peppermint to infuse some of the healing oil proactively. Of course, there are a few ways to do this if you don’t have peppermint leaves or lavender at the ready. You can take premade essential oils and add a few drops to your yield for similar results, I just like to press them together to create one unified and unique yield.

When I mix lavender, peppermint, or other plants into my flower puck before pressing, I treat it just like a typical cannabis press session, no need to adjust your preferred heat and temperature settings. We’re still dealing with plants and terpenes and trichomes all the same. However, the oil consistency can differ, so I always recommend letting the yield settle for a minute or two before you hack it up with your dab tool.

If you want more subtle effects, you can also just add a few drops of essential oils to the dab rig you’re using to consume your rosin. Either way, you’ll notice a distinct flavor and smell that is oh so pleasant and refreshing.