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Rosibomb's Family of Award Winning and Game Changing Products with Patented Technology are now available exclusively through Sho Products one of the worlds largest and most successful manufacturers and distributors in the industry. Click the "BUY NOW" below to see the products
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The  ROCKET Rosin Press has been hailed as the best home rosin press. If you want to make incredible yields of rosin extracts from the comfort of your home, this machine will make the entire process safe and effortless. Light, compact, and extremely powerful, it’s the perfect choice for rosin enthusiasts.



These machines are specifically designed to apply the right amount of heat and pressure to your flower, kief, or hash. High-quality rosin presses even feature adjustable settings, allowing you to experiment with your rosin extraction and produce the exact kind of extracts you want.




The  M-60 Rosin Press is a flagship machine capable of delivering over 6000 lbs of pressure with each press. This industrial-grade rosin press features innovative Flow Channel Technology, making the continuous extraction of pure, organic, solventless rosin extraction feel effortless.


We built our Rosin Press so you could make clean, good concentrates at home. We value ease of use and discretion. Our Rosin Presses are small but mighty, the quietest on the market, and make it so you can press clean fresh rosin whenever you want. The opportunities are endless — you’ll never be limited to small set of rosins available in retail again. With an at-home rosin press, you can press any flower strain you want into sweet, honey-colored concentrate

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